Dilemmas, Choices and Heroism

Israeli Delegation to the 1972 Munich Olympic Games - Opening Ceremonies

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Olympic Choices

Dilemmas, Choices & Heroism

The choices we make and those who influence us.  We are confronted every day  with moral and ethical dilemmas. Most choices we are confronted with are clear. How do we approach the ones that are not so clear? This conversation will only grow in its importance as our society continues to evolve. There is a popular saying "character happens when nobody is looking." Olympic Choices is an hour long educational program that meets this challenge head on.


During the program the dilemmas we use to stimulate conversation are tailored for each specific audience.  What may trigger conversation and passionate debate for one audience may not be at all relevant for another.  Our approach is "expose, not impose."


Dilemma - a situation without a clearcut choice.  The tragic events at the 1972 Munich Olympic games forced an eight year old to reevaluate his own Olympic dreams. Munich was in his eyes "seven gold medals and eleven broken promises." Every four years we circle back to the same question - how could the games have gone on? It is in this spirit that this program has been created to honor the eleven men and ask ourselves tough questions, some that keep many on the fence.  This is not a program about "sports" or about "Munich." is important conversation about obstacles
we face and who we look to inspire us.

The program is set up in three parts.  The monologue, the breakouts and the summation:  


The Story

We begin with the story  "They're all gone" that I wrote for HBO. 


Breakout #1

Moral Ethical Dilemmas. This conversation is based on topics that vary according to the needs of each group. 


Breakout #2

Who is a Hero? What is a Hero? Who is your Hero?"  Who inspires us to make the decisions and choose our path?

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During the break-out sessions you better bring your "A" game. Be prepared as we ask ourselves tough questions regarding moral and ethical dilemmas we face daily.  

Next we take it a step further and talk about those who have had the greatest influence in shaping our lives. What is a hero, who is a hero and most importantly who is your hero?  We are constantly amazed with the stories people share.


We close by holding up eleven placards one by one by one, each with a name of the Munich 11. Together we say their names out loud as something spoken is not forgotten.


I set out to share a memory of a story that is being lost to history and ended up creating a powerful educational program.  My first presentation was in May 2012 and almost 4,000 participants later I continue to speak to groups all over the country. 

The program has been very successful transmitting the message because the topics are easily adapted to meet the needs of the audience. Audiences like Professor Zang's course on Modern Olympic History at Towson University. Baltimore County Public Schools includes Olympic Choices as part of the district-wide high school character development program. College campuses are asking for freshman orientation programs. National and local advocacy groups are looking to Olympic Choices to spur engagement within their ranks.  Fortune 500 companies are looking at Olympic Choices to be included in their corporate "ethical behavior" corporate training programs.

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I look forward to bringing Olympic Choices to your community soon.  Olympic Choices is as close to a gold medal program as you can get.


Zaq Harrison, Founder




For more information and how to book Zaq Harrison and "Olympic Choices" please contact him directly info@wecannotforget.com